Achievement unlocked: Gamers take birding to the next level

Image:  Great egret ( Ardea alba ) by QuestaGamer ‘Andrew Mc’ (  CC BY-NC 2.0  )

Image: Great egret (Ardea alba) by QuestaGamer ‘Andrew Mc’(CC BY-NC 2.0)

Birders, gamers, kids and scientists are joining forces on a ‘Pokemon Go’ style real-life adventure in nature. From 9th-25th March, as a part of the Feathered Frenzy bioQuest, bird sightings submitted through the mobile app QuestaGame will give players and ‘bio-experts’ a chance to win prizes. The competition is free for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Not sure where to go to get good bird sightings for the bioQuest? “There are some places where you can find birds pretty much any time of day,” says experienced QuestaGaming kid Griffin Chong. “So go down to your local duck pond today, but don’t take bread, take a camera!” Griffin, and his brother Jasper, have been very busy preparing for this bioQuest and recently shared a video of their duck pond adventures.

The Feathered Frenzy is part of QuestaGame’s monthly series of ‘BioQuests’. As players submit sightings of wildlife, experts help the players learn about what they’ve found, and the observations support environmental research and conservation. Over the last few months, BioQuesters have mapped hundreds of unique species of spiders, ants, bees, wasps and flies, as well as butterflies and moths.

“The competition is going to be fierce this month.” says David Haynes, co-founder of QuestaGame. “However, you don’t have to be an experienced birder to win a prize. And absolutely everyone shares in the benefits - getting outdoors, having fun, learning about nature, and ultimately contributing to science so as to help build a better world.”

The Feathered Frenzy bioQuest runs from the 9th to 25th of February. Free entry. Prizes by 60x Clip-on Phone microscopes, Shirty Science and Biome Eco Stores.

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