QuestaGame is a global social enterprise that believes in working (and playing) together to make this planet more healthy and sustainable.

Our Core Values:

1) We value biodiversity and human diversity, and we know that protecting it requires creativity and new thinking.

2) We love science, technology, learning, gaming and having fun.

3) Everything we do is about making an impact and affecting global change. (If it’s not making an impact, no point doing it).

4) Our job is to help empower people to improve the health of their local environment and of the planet as a whole.

5) We believe environmental expertise is valuable and should be rewarded.

6) We're curious about nature, love adventure, and are eager to discover - and happy to acknowledge - the things we don't know.

7) We think technology should enhance human collaboration and our engagement with nature. 

8) We believe it’s important to spend time outdoors, as it increases our general well-being and promotes a stronger sense of community.

9) We value a non-discriminatory workplace, where everyone is treated with respect and is given an equal opportunity for growth.

10) Finally, everyone who is part of QuestaGame has played QuestaGame and is keen to share ideas on how it can be improved.