The real-world mobile game where you compete to save life on earth.


Free to play!

Start playing the world's first mobile game that takes you outdoors to discover and help preserve life on this planet.  It's free. The sightings you report contribute to biodiversity research and conservation.  


Got a group? Form a clan!

If you've got a group of five or more people who are interested in forming a team - or "clan" - QuestaGame allows you to sign up and play together. As clan leader, you get to manage, track the activity of, and communicate with, your clan members as you play!

Got wildlife expertise?

Start identifying sightings and QuestaGame will make a donation to the organisation of your choice based on the expertise you contribute. It's a great way to help players learn about wildlife while supporting a cause you believe in. 

Become a Partner

By enrolling as a partner, your community can choose to contribute wildlife expertise on your behalf - which raises funds for your organisation. Every time a member of your community helps verify a sighting on QuestaGame, your organisation earns a donation. 

Why play QuestaGame?

Life is full of hidden treasures just waiting to be found. But it is also under threat - now is your chance to save it! 

Embark on a fun real-world adventure that will open your eyes to the amazing and beautiful life all around you. 

Play QuestaGame and you will:

News: The First Ever World BioQuest - Over 9000 Observations in 72 Hours!

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QuestaGame is awesome. Think Pokémon GO meets real life.
— Sci Geek, @michelle_neil, Twitter
Es como Pokémon GO pero de Biodiversidad. Crazy. (It’s the Pokémon GO of biodiversity. Crazy.).
— Favia B, @FlaBroffoni, Twitter
Such a fun and addictive game. Great way to get the whole family involved and outdoors looking for the next species. It’s become a challenge the whole family enjoys and works towards.
— Heather Kennedy Abbott, Android User
Questagame is fun, easy-to-use, and promotes nature play and learning about local wildlife. I suggest using it as part of a broader strategy to engage kids with nature.
— Dr Philip Roetman, University of South Australia

Do you have wildlife expertise?

Register your email address and select the organisation you'd like to support. For every sighting you correctly verify on QuestaGame's BioExpertise Engine (, QuestaGame will contribute a donation to the organisation you've chosen. 

Step 1 - Register and select your cause

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Step 2 - Start identifying sightings


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