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Play the world's first mobile game that takes you outdoors to discover, map and ultimately help protect life on our planet. Your sightings contribute to real research and conservation. 

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One autumn weekend each year, the Woodfordia community come together at the Planting Festival, to reconnect with each other, with their land, and with the life it supports. At this year's festival, the launch of the Woodfordia's BioQuest, helped to take this connection to a new level.

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This is the most time I’ve EVER spent outside!
— a young BioQuest participant
QuestaGame is awesome. Think Pokémon GO meets real life.
— Sci Geek, @michelle_neil, Twitter
“I recently discovered a new species from a record posted on QuestaGame.”
— Dr. Bryan Lessard, Entomologist, CSIRO
Such a fun and addictive game. Great way to get the whole family involved and outdoors looking for the next species. It’s become a challenge the whole family enjoys and works towards.
— Heather Kennedy Abbott, Android User
Questagame is fun, easy-to-use, and promotes nature play and learning about local wildlife. I suggest using it as part of a broader strategy to engage kids with nature.
— Dr Philip Roetman, University of South Australia

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