The Game

Become the greatest bio-adventurer of all time!

Embark on a fun real-world adventure that will open your eyes to the amazing and beautiful life all around you. 

Start by getting outdoors to capture (just with photos!) as much life as you can. You’ll score gold for every sighting, with extra gold if you can identify what you’ve found. And even more gold if you can find something rare or interesting.

Life is full of hidden treasures just waiting to be found. But it is also under threat - now is your chance to save it.

Play QuestaGame and you will:

  • have fun,
  • experience nature,
  • learn about life, and
  • help protect biodiversity.

And it's free to play! Download QuestaGame today:

Have fun

  • Climb the leaderboard as you build your own collection of species - birds, insects, spiders, reptiles, anything.
  • Beat your friends in winner-takes-all 'Challenges'.
  • Go on a 'Quest' to add something new to your collection.

Experience nature

  • Get outdoors. Breathe the fresh air. Open your eyes. Explore.
  • Search your own backyard, a local garden, or a national park.
  • You may be surprised at what you can find without even leaving your house.

Learn about life

  • There are creatures all around us that, when you look closely, are as astonishing as anything from a sci-fi or fantasy film.
  • See what you can find, and you’ll receive expert feedback on all sightings.
  • The more gold you earn in game, the more detailed expert feedback you can 'buy'.

Help protect biodiversity

You are just one part of a ‘tree of life’ that includes all living things. Humanity’s ongoing survival depends upon the health, or diversity, of this tree. The bad news is that our tree of life is in serious danger, as human activity is contributing to global species extinctions.

To better protect life on Earth (including ourselves), we need to learn more about what is out there. So far, we have only described a fraction of the species of life on our planet - and even for those we know of, there is a lot more we can learn about their distribution.

QuestaGamer’s sightings are shared with CSIRO’s Atlas of Living Australia and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility - the world’s premier collection of biodiversity records. As of April 2017, our data has had 50 million record downloads - helping researchers understand how we can better manage and protect biodiversity in a changing world.

Image: 'Eastern Yellow Robin' (Eopsaltria australis) by QuestaGamer Andrew Mc,  CC BY-NC .

Image: 'Eastern Yellow Robin' (Eopsaltria australis) by QuestaGamer Andrew Mc, CC BY-NC.

Image: 'Variable Checkerspot' ( Euphydryas chalcedona ) by QuestaGamer Dennis,  CC BY-NC .

Image: 'Variable Checkerspot' (Euphydryas chalcedona) by QuestaGamer Dennis, CC BY-NC.

Image: 'Eucaluptus tip wilter bug' ( Amorbus sp. ) by QuestaGamer Savage,  CC BY-NC .

Image: 'Eucaluptus tip wilter bug' (Amorbus sp.) by QuestaGamer Savage, CC BY-NC.