My community has many groups. Can I have multiple clans, one for each group?

Absolutely. An organisation with multiple clans is what we call a tribe. The great thing about a tribe is that you can have competitions in which your clans compete against each other. This is an excellent way to get your community learning about and engaging with nature, while increasing your biodiversity map at the same time. 


As a clan leader, can I communicate with my clan members?

Yes. You can message the entire clan through the app. Within the app, clan members can view messages and communicate with fellow clan members via Menu > Clans > My Clan. 


How do I start a quest for my clan members?

Easy. You can do this within the app itself (Menu > Quests). Or, even easier, simply contact and let the support team set up the quest for you. We have a lot of experience in setting up quests to meet specific targets.

If we're a QuestaGame Partner, can we earn money? 

Yes. That's because a lot of environmental organisations have members with wildlife expertise. Maybe you have a member who can identify plants. Or an experienced entomologist. Or a good twitcher (someone who collects bird sightings).  QuestaGame needs these experts to help identify and verify sightings, which is why it's willing to pay your organisation a donation for their expertise. For more information, see here

How does QuestaGame verify sightings so quickly?

QuestaGame has cultivated a unique network of taxonomy experts around the world, and as more QGame players improve their skills, the network of verifiers expands. QuestaGame believes that environmental expertise is valuable to society and deserves remuneration. A significant portion of clan payments goes toward funding top experts and ensuring quality verifications. 

What's an easy way to start promoting my clan or tribe?

There are two simple ways to do it.

First, once your clan or tribe is set up, you will receive the URL of your public clan page. This page will have a map of your "Territory." It will also have a "Join Clan" button on it.
You can send this link around to your community and people can click the "Join Clan." 

Second, you will also receive a login for the QuestaGame web portal. Once you login, you can go to My Clans > Invite players.  You can invite existing QGame players (you can find them on your "Territory" map), or you can invite non-QGame people by entering their email addresses. 

What analytics will I have access to?

Once your clan or tribe is created, you can login to the QuestaGame portal and view the sightings as they come in (Menu > Activity). You can also see your biodiversity map and scores.  More stats will be available as the site develops. If you'd like any specific data about your community's activity, simply contact and we can provide it for you. We can even offer a cool looking reporting template. 
 (Note: We do not provide personal data about users). 

How much assistance can we expect from QuestaGame?

As much as you require. Bigger clans and tribes will obviously require more assistance. We're here to help with whatever you need - including setting up quests and competitions as required. A win for you is a win for environmental education and conservation - which is what QuestaGame is all about.