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Special thanks to our dedicated experts, including, but not limited to, and not in any particular order: Ron Atkinson, Volker Framenau, Ed Nieuwenhuys, Mark Newton, Adam Parsons, Robert Raven, Linda Rayor, Joseph Schubert, Robert Whyte.

With extra special thanks to Robert Whyte, Liz MacRaild and Grisper!

Featured sightings

    Champion Spotter
    Highest overall score for an individual based on sightings submitted.

    Prize: LED Headlamp  and Maratus DVD

    Mushroom God
    overall score: 10,711

    Champion Identifier
    Highest score from correct IDs provided by an individual (through the in-game QuestaLab or the QuestaGame's Bio-Expertise Engine) during the competition and until the time that all competition sightings have been verified.

    Prize: Binoculars

    overall score: 2,659

    Champion Spotter - Best Find
    Highest scoring individual sighting.


    Prize: Field Guide to Spiders of Australia

    EntropyAndRoar *
    score: 745
    Phonognatha pallida
    * Note: Awarded to a runner-up player as per BioQuest Prizes rules.
    Image:  Phonognatha pallida  by   EntropyAndRoar  ,  CC BY-NC

    Image: Phonognatha pallida by EntropyAndRoarCC BY-NC



    Champion Spotter - Best photo
    As judged by QuestaGame staff.


    Prize: UV Spotlight and 30x Pocket Microscope

    Ben Revell

    Winning image:

    Image:  Wolf Spider  by   Ben Revell  ,  CC BY-NC

    Image: Wolf Spider by Ben RevellCC BY-NC


    Highly commended images:

    Image:  Armored Trapdoor Spider  by Mushroom God  ,  CC BY-NC

    Image: Armored Trapdoor Spider by Mushroom GodCC BY-NC

    Image:  Paralysis Tick  by Ben Revell  ,  CC BY-NC

    Image: Paralysis Tick by Ben RevellCC BY-NC

    Image:  Lynx Spider  by Melinda  ,  CC BY-NC

    Image: Lynx Spider by MelindaCC BY-NC

    Image:  Lynx Spider  by Mushroom God  ,  CC BY-NC

    Image: Lynx Spider by Mushroom GodCC BY-NC


    Active Adventurer Prize Draw
    One winner randomly drawn from all registered competitors who submit at least 9 sightings within the competition period.

    Prize: $50 online voucher for Biome


    Major prize sponsor:


    Prize draw sponsor:



    Check out this video submitted by experienced QuestGame player Ben Revell. He shares his special tips and tricks for finding spiders and getting good photos with your phone. You can also check out some of his awesome arachnid photos here.

    In 'The Things that Sting', this first video from QuestaGame's #1 ranked player, Grisper explores his own backyard for small creatures that many people would shy away from. On adventures like this, it's always important to stay safe, and resist the urge to handle the wildlife!


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