Feathered Frenzy BioQuest tips with Ben

QuestaGamers love exploring nature with smartphone in hand. We are constantly surprised by the quality of images sent in from smartphone camera, particularly close ups of really small finds. That said, getting good photos of birds with a smart phone is not easy at all. In fact, when it comes to birds, many players choose to swap out their phone camera for a 'proper' camera to get the best sightings.

Just in time for this month's Feathered Frenzy bioQuest, experienced QuestaGamer Ben Revell has sent in another short 'BioQuest Tips' video. Among some beautiful bird footage from Ben's own bioQuesting, he shares a few tips for using a more serious camera, and how to upload your sightings onto you phone to submit to QuestaGame. 

The Feathered Frenzy is free for anyone to join, and runs 9-25 March. Test out Ben's tips yourself. We can't wait to see what birds you find!

Until next time, keep up the adventure :)

Team QG