Butterfly and Moth Madness: BioQuest Tips with Ben Revell

Getting good sightings for the Butterfly and Moth Madness BioQuest, need not be hard. Learn a few tricks from one of our top players, Ben Revell, who has sent in a new ‘BioQuest tips’ video (did you see his previous video for the Arachnid Adventure?).

“The trick,” to getting good Butterfly sightings Ben tells us, “is to take lots of pictures. Try to get as close as you can. Wait for the butterfly to sit on something. Just keep getting closer.”

And if you just can’t seem to get a good photo of a winged adult, remember that there are other options. “Keep an eye out in places where there are lots of butterflies and even though you might not be able to get a good photo of the butterfly itself, you might find a lot of caterpillars on the bushes.”

Often novice players struggle with focus when taking photos of insects with their smartphones. Ben’s got a tip for that too. “If you tap and hold the screen for an iPhone you can set the focus and exposure lock, which can be hand when you are doing macro work [i.e. close-ups] ” And this trick works on many android devices too!

Check out these and other tips, along with some pretty impressive sightings in the full video.

Once you’re all skilled up, be sure to join the Butterfly and Moth Madness - running from 5-21 January.

We’ll leave the last words to Ben. “Have fun, be safe, and happy adventuring.”

All images by Ben Revell, (CC BY-NC 2.0).