Things that Sting: A backyard adventure with Grisper

The master at work. See how QuestaGame's #1 ranked player, Grisper, finds so many fantastic sightings, day in, day out. Maybe you can learn a trick or two, and take him on in a head-to-head challenge... although we never said you'd have a chance of winning :P

In 'The Things that Sting', Grisper's first BioQuest Tips video, he explores his own backyard for small creatures that many people would shy away from. Together with his brother Jasper, the boys go on the search for ants, bees, wasps, spiders and centipedes. Why? Because "I like things that sting", Grisper confirms. That seems as good a reason as any to us. And even if you aren't as fond of "ouch" inducing arthropods, it's hard not to be infected by Grisper's enthusiasm.

On their quest, the boys encounter at least 18 different species. Gripser, the champion QuestaGamer that he is, knows what each and everyone is (I just wish that velvet ant didn't get away...).

Feeling inspired? Then why don't you adventure in your own backyard today (or a local park if you don't have a yard)!? No doubt there are plenty things that sting out there just waiting to be found. We bet you could easily find a few spiders, without even trying very hard. Remember that you can join the Arachnid Adventure today and to be in the running for adventure gear binoculars or a head-lamp! 

Make sure you heed Grisper's advice to stay safe on your adventures though, and resist the urge to handle anything you find (unless you absolutely know that it is safe). Please treat the wildlife with respect, or else you might just get stung!

Until next time, keep up the adventure :)

Team QG

Oh, and while you are here, check out a few highlights from Grisper's impressive sightings collection - what fantastic photos! All images by Grisper, (CC BY-NC 2.0).