Rules for the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary Eco-Hunt

This competition is governed by QuestaGame's Terms of Service. We've done our best to make them easy to understand, so we recommend you give them a read. All competitors should also ensure they have read and understood QuestaGame's Safety Check.

How will scoring work?

Scoring for 'Champion Spotter' and 'Best Find' in the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary Eco-Hunt is based on QuestaGame’s in-game ‘gold’ rewards for submitted sightings. Gold is awarded for sightings that you submit, based on the rarity (by location and season) of what you find.

Certain gold bonuses in QuestaGame will not count towards your Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary Eco-Hunt score.

Bonuses that will not be included in scoring:

  • Quest bonuses,

  • Head-to-head challenges,

  • Player of the day,

  • Clan of the day, and

  • Equipment bonuses.

Bonuses that will be included:

  • Correct ID bonus

  • Field notes.

Competition Period - Start and End Time

The competition starts at 7am, Saturday, 24 June (AEST) - and ends Sunday 12pm, 9 July (AEST).

Winners will be announced on once all eligible sightings have been processed. Winners will be notified via their registered email addresses.

Sightings - Eligibility and Scoring

For this competition, sightings must be taken and submitted during the competition period.

Sightings must be located within the boundaries of the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary, located on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.

QuestaGame will accept just about any sighting of a living organism. However, it won’t accept sightings of humans, domestic animals, cultivated plants, inanimate creatures, or animals that live in cages or other forms of enclosure. (This, by the way, is but a minuscule fraction of a minuscule fraction of all the life that exists on earth).

IMPORTANT: Plants are not yet scored on rarity and therefore will not be counted as part of the competition score.

You can submit up to 5 images for each sighting. However, you will only receive gold for one species per sighting.

QuestaGame won’t accept a second sighting of the same species if it is within 1 kilometre and 24 hours of the previous sighting. So for example, if you submit a photo of a monarch butterfly resting on a statue, QuestaGame won’t accept another sighting of a monarch butterfly within 1 kilometre of the same statue, unless 24 hours have passed.

IMPORTANT: For their protection, sightings of species considered to be threatened will not be awarded any gold.

The easiest way to submit a sighting is to use your phone’s camera. However QuestaGame does accept sightings that use photos taken on non-mobile phone cameras (so long as you can work out how to upload them to your camera). The system does confirm the date stamp of the image though, so if that metadata is missing, it won’t accept the photo.

Photos obviously have to be your own work. If you are suspected of using someone else's images you will be warned, and repeat offenders will have their account deleted.

Prize categories

  • The winner of the 'Main Prize Draw' will be determined based on a random selection of one registered player who has submitted at least one eligible sighting. The prize for the winner of the main prize draw is one Family Pass (2A3C) on Maroochy Nature Cruises.

  • The winner of ‘Champion Spotter’ will be determined based on the highest score from eligible sightings during the competition period. The prize for 'Champion Spotter' is a $100 voucher from Whites IGA Bli Bli.

  • The winner of 'Best Find' will be determined based on the highest score for any single eligible sighting that is submitted during the competition period. The prize for 'Best Find' is a $100 gift voucher from River Shore Resort (can be used in restaurant, bar or accommodation).