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Engage your university with life

Empower your community to learn about, and help map, the diversity of life around your campus and beyond! Register a team in the Inter-Uni BioQuest, April 2018!   #UniBioQuest


Biology/sustainability staff:

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The University bioQuest is open to anyone, anywhere - students, staff, and the broader community. It is free for Individuals join a team here


Which university has the best wildlife spotters, identifiers, and photographers?

Which university has the richest life on campus?

The University bioQuest will find out!

During April, 2018, university teams will be competing from around the world. To compete, player will use the fun real-world nature exploration app QuestaGame on their Apple or Android mobile devices.

Why should a university get involved?

Outcome 1 - Deeper community engagement with nature

BioQuesting with QuestaGame empowers your community to experience, learn about, and protect the diversity of life on Earth. The adventure takes players into nature, where they'll see the life around them in a whole new light. Get involved, and help your community to:

  • experience nature on real outdoor adventures.

  • learn secrets of the life around them with expert feedback on all sightings.

  • help protect the environment 

Our conservation partners:

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Outcome 2 - More data for research and conservation


QuestaGame players can choose to share their sightings for the benefit of science.  Sightings data is available on the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, and the Atlas of Living Australia, which also provide interactive analysis tools.

Data from the University bioQuest will support future informed decisions around on-campus biodiversity management. It will also open the door to all sorts of open research opportunities.

Still have any questions?

Simply get in contact and we'll be happy to help.