Top 10 Birds of QuestaGame

QuestaGamers love birds - and given the gorgeous diversity of modern dinosaurs, who doesn’t? So we’ll continue to feature our players’ most fabulous feathered finds on this blog. But let’s start by looking at our current top 10!

Here are the top 10 most commonly sighted birds of 2016. As with our top 10 mammals of 2016, there’s a very Australian feel to this list. That’s to be expected given QuestaGame’s strong Aussie roots. As new players join our adventure from around the globe, who knows what 2017’s top 10 may hold?

A worthy winner! Though sometimes underappreciated due to its aggressive defense of its nest,  the Australian Magpie is also well respected for its beautiful song. If you've not been lucky enough to hear this bird before (and I’m talking to our non-Australian audiences) check out this short clip to see what you are missing out on:

While some readers, perhaps nursing wounds from previous Magpie attacks, may have preferred to have seen the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo take out the top spot, we can be sure that even they would rather wake up to a lovely Magpie's 'warble', than to a screeching Cockatoo:

Thanks to all QuestaGamers who have contributed to this top 10. Keep those sightings coming!

Keep on adventuring!

Team QG