Calling kids of all ages! Prepare for a wetlands eco-hunt these school holidays!

 Take part in the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary Eco-Hunt for your chance to win xxxxxx.

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Your quest is to explore the wetlands and find as many birds, butterflies, insects, crabs and other animals living at the Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary as you can.

Submit your sightings through the fun outdoor mobile app, QuestaGame.

You'll receive expert feedback and points for your sightings based on their rarity, for location and season.



Main prize draw - Prize TBA

One winner to be drawn from all eco-hunt entries who submit at least one sighting.

Champion spotter - Prize TBA

Highest overall score based on sightings submitted.

Best find - Prize TBA

Highest scoring individual sighting.


The eco-hunt is more than just fun!

The Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary Eco-Hunt gives YOU the chance to experience, learn about, and contribute to protecting the amazing biodiversity that is in our backyard.  Take a walk on the wild side, adventure into nature, and see what natural treasures you can find. Data that you collect contributes to mapping Australia’s incredible biodiversity.

  • experience nature on real outdoor adventures.

  • learn life's secrets with expert feedback on all sightings.

  • help protect the environment as sightings contribute to biodiversity research.

Image: Aegiceras corniculatum by sea-kangaroo, used under CC BY-NC

QuestaGame Partners

For every sighting correctly identified through QuestaGame’s human-intelligence system, the BioExpertise Engine - or through an official QuestaGame partner site - the Pays to Know Nature Fund makes a donation to the environmental organisation of the participant’s choice. Our partners include: