Discover life. Support science. Win prizes.


FREE to participate! For your chance to win, simply submit sightings of Amphibians (e.g. frogs) or Reptiles (e.g. lizards or turtles) with the QuestaGame app between 2-18 November, 2018. Or you can ID sightings through QuestaGame's Bio-Expertise Engine.

 Image: Sighting by Robbi and Elisa

Image: Sighting by Robbi and Elisa



Champion Spotter

Awarded for highest overall score for an individual based on sightings submitted.

Prize: AU$50 Biome Eco-stores online gift card

Champion Identifier

Highest score from correct IDs provided by an individual (through the in-game QuestaLab or the QuestaGame's Bio-Expertise Engine) during the competition and until the time that all competition sightings have been verified.

Prize: US$35 Amazon online gift card*

Best Find

Highest scoring individual sighting.

Prize: US$35 Amazon online gift card*

Active Member Prize Draw

One QuestaGame member,  who has submitted at least 1 eligible sighting within the competition period, drawn at random. Learn more about becoming a member.

Prize: US$35 Amazon online gift card*

 Image: Surfap

Image: Surfap

Know your Reptiles or your Amphibians?

That's great! Then why not identify sightings through the Bio-Expertise Engine? You'll be helping budding naturalists learn, and ensuring high quality data for research (see QuestaGame's data on You'll could even win the Champion Identifier prize for this BioQuest.

Why not choose your favourite conservation organisation through our Pays to Know Nature Fund, and you'll be earning them rewards for every correct ID you provide.

Live results to come!

BioQuesting with QuestaGame will empower you to experience, learn about, and protect the diversity of life on Earth. You'll be taken on an adventure into nature, where you'll see the life around you in a whole new light.

  • experience nature on real outdoor adventures.

  • learn secrets of the life around you with expert feedback on all your sightings.

  • help protect the environment 

    • your sightings will contribute to biodiversity research.

    • your entry fee will help support QuestaGame's environmental partners (learn how).