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A top-ranked QuestaGamer, Grisper, takes us on a taxonomic adventure, explaining why we shouldn't call beetles 'bugs' - just in time for the Beetle Mania bioQuest.


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Top Organisations (Identifications)

1. The Entomological Society of Queensland
40 correct IDs

2. Atlas of Living Australia
22 correct IDs

3. Birdlife Australia
19 correct IDs

4. Australian Museum
15 correct IDs

5. Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens
8 correct IDs

Top Spotters

1. Jordana1971
score 2614

2. Scott Gilmore
score 1384

3. Penelope
score 1160

4. ChelonaJill
score 965

5. nomadcam
score 676

6. Floozy
score 480

7. Mrs Norman
score 388

8. Rowan
score 357

9. Li Tao
score 302

10. DandyThar
score 295

Top Identifiers

1. Scott Gilmore
score 1866

2. Penelope
score 1122

3. Jordana1971
score 1073

4. nomadcam
score 242

5. ChelonaJill
score 160

6. Angela Moncrieff
score 114

7. Bdano
score 106

8. Rowan
score 103

9. Corinne
score 97

10. roland
score 87

Most Spotted

1. beetles

2. common australian lady beetle

3. darkling beetles

4. ground beetles

5. steelblue lady beetle

6. Lady Beetles, Ladybirds, Lady Bugs

7. leaf beetles

8. Adelium

9. Gonocephalum

10. Cotton harlequin bug

Top Sightings

1. Lemodes
nomadcam score 579

2. Baris
Penelope score 397

3. A Beetle
Scott Gilmore score 377

4. Otiorhynchus cribricollis
Jordana1971 score 346

5. Epilachna sumbana
Floozy score 330

6. Carabus davidis
Li Tao score 302

7. Paropsisterna Motschulsky, 1860
Jordana1971 239 gold

8. Pergetus campanulatus
Scott Gilmore score 236

9. 28-spotted Potato Ladybird
Jordana1971 score 224

10. Eucorynus crassicornis
DandyThar score 223

Featured sightings (some may not be beetles - can you tell the difference?)


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    Highest overall score for an individual based on sightings submitted.

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    Champion Identifier

    Highest score from correct IDs provided by an individual (through the in-game QuestaLab or the QuestaGame's Bio-Expertise Engine) during the competition and until the time that all competition sightings have been verified.

    Prize:  TBA

    Best Find

    Highest scoring individual sighting.

    Prize: TBA

    Best Photo

    As judged by QuestaGame staff.

    Prize:  TBA

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