The University of Melbourne clan in QuestaGame


Wildversity harnesses our collective intelligence to help discover and preserve the University of Melbourne's urban biodiversity. Explore with Wildversity today!

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How you can get involved:

Step 1. Download QuestaGame (it's free):


Step 2. Register to join the Wildversity clan (it's free).

  • You can 'request invite' to join the Wildversity clan via the 'Clan' section within the QuestaGame app, or hit the 'join our clan' button at the top of this page.
  • Once you have joined the clan, you send and receive messages to all other clan members.

Step 3. Submit sightings of the life you find as you explore the University of Melbourne campus (or elsewhere), using the QuestaGame app.

  • Earn gold based on the rarity (by location and season) of your finds.
  • It's as simple as taking a photo with your mobile phone camera. Try to get a nice clear photo with your subject in the middle of your shot, and taking up most of the frame.
  • QuestaGame accepts photos from within the last 14 days.
  • If you know what you have found, you can identify it for extra gold.

Step 4. Help identify others' sightings, through the 'QuestaLab' within the QuestaGame app , or through bee.questagame.com.

Step 5. Join Wildversity events and competitions.

The Wildversity Spring Challenge (It's free, and all Wildversity Clan members are automatically registered!

Regular Biodiversity Tours


A bit of history:

Back in 2015, a group of University of Melbourne students came up with the idea of making it fun and easy to map the University of Melbourne's urban biodiversity through a mobile app. They called their concept 'Wildversity', and it took out first place at the #C15Hack event that year. The University has partnered with QuestaGame to turn this idea into a reality.  QuestaGame is now a key engagement and data collection tool in support of The University of Melbourne's Biodiversity Management Plan.