Understanding the Categories

When you submit a sighting you have the option to categorise it. When you use the QuestaLab to help identify other player's sightings (and earn bonus gold!), you also use the same categories. But what are they all about?

Well the categories are really high level groupings of all the different types of species that players can find. To simplify things, you can even group the categories themselves into three big groups. There are the animals with backbones (i.e. The Vertebrates), the animals without backbones (i.e. The Invertebrates), as well as plants, fungi and bacteria and other life (i.e. Not Animals). Take a look below to see some of the common traps that players can fall into when using the categories.

Note that the ordering of the categories below differs to that in the game. This is because we move birds and insects to the top of the list given just how commonly sighted they are!