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QuestaGame is designed to help promote environmental discovery, education and conservation. Toward this goal, QuestaGame has created a Pays to Know Nature Fund.  For every sighting correctly identified through QuestaGame’s human-intelligence system, the BioExpertise Engine (see http://BEE.questagame.com) - or through an official QuestaGame partner site - the Pays to Know Nature Fund makes a donation to the environmental organisation of the participant’s choice. 

The amount rewarded per correct ID depends on such factors as the difficulty of the sighting and the quality of the response, as determined by the BEE's advanced collective intelligence. QuestaGame makes a monthly donation to the Pays to Know Nature Fund. The more money available in the Fund, the more money can be distributed through BEE - which raises the value of wildlife expertise and contributes to researcher’s understanding of biodiversity and how best to protect it.  One hundred percent of the money in the Pays to Know Nature Fund goes toward the selected environmental organisations.