Identify Sightings

QuestaGame is supported by a network of professional scientists and amateur naturalists who help identify players’ sightings through our Bio-Expertise Engine.

If you can tell a bug from a beetle, or a bird from a bat, why not share your expertise - register as a bio-expert. You don't even have to be a professional - some of our highest ranking experts are actually kids! 

Because we value your input, each correct ID earns money towards your chosen environmental organisation through our Pays to Know Nature Fund.

Raise funds for your organisation

By enrolling your organisation as a partner, your community can choose to contribute wildlife expertise on your behalf - which raises funds for your organisation. Every time a member of your community helps verify a sighting on QuestaGame, your organisation earns a donation through our Pays to Know Nature Fund.

Visit the Bio-Expertise Engine (BEE)

Visit the Bio-Expertise Engine (BEE)