Are you ready to help save Australia's Biodiversity?

The Great Australian Biodiversity Challenge is open to players of all ages, and is free to play! It runs throughout National Science Week - 12-20 August, 2017.

This is your chance to win prizes, while helping to protect Australia's biodiversity!

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The botanic garden team with the highest score will win a prize! You can choose any garden. It needn't be near your location and you don't need to play in the garden to compete in the challenge.

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Submit sightings of the life you find using the QuestaGame app. Players can submit 5 sightings per day during the competition.

Help identify others' sightings, through the 'QuestaLab' within the QuestaGame app , or through

This challenge is brought to you by QuestaGame, in partnership with Australia's botanic gardens. Read the media release.

Image: QuestaGamer - Andrew Mc, used under  CC BY-NC

Image: QuestaGamer - Andrew Mc, used under CC BY-NC


Your quest is to find and/or identify the most interesting animals, plants and other living things you can during National Science Week (12th-20th August, 2017). Sightings can be from anywhere in Australia, and are not limited to botanic gardens.


Submit your sightings through the fun outdoor mobile app, QuestaGame.

You'll receive expert feedback - and QuestaGame will score your sightings based on their rarity, for location and season.

Prizes for:

Winning Botanic Garden Team

Highest overall score for a botanic garden team based on submitted sightings

  • 1st   - $1,500
  • 2nd - $1,000

Pays to Know Nature Bonus 

The Australian organisation whose network of Bio-Experts identify the most number of species/taxa through our Bio-Expertise Engine

  • 1st   - $700
  • 2nd - $400

Champion Spotters

  • 'Highest score' - Player whose combined submissions earns the highest score - $100
  • 'Best Find' - Player with highest single sighting score' - $100
  • 'Best photo of an iconic Australian species' - as judged through QuestaGame's Facebook page - $100

Champion Identifier

Image: QuestaGamer - Robbi and Elisa, used under  CC BY-NC

Image: QuestaGamer - Robbi and Elisa, used under CC BY-NC

What else is in it for me?

The Great Australian Biodiversity Challenge will empower you to experience, learn about, and protect the wonder that is Australia's biodiversity. You'll be taken on an adventure into nature, where you'll see the life around you in a whole new light.

  • experience nature on real outdoor adventures.

  • learn life's secrets with expert feedback on all your sightings.

  • help protect the environment as your sightings contribute to biodiversity research.


This National Science Week project received grant funding from the Australian Government as part of the Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme.

QuestaGame Partners

For every sighting correctly identified through QuestaGame’s human-intelligence system, the BioExpertise Engine - or through an official QuestaGame partner site - the Pays to Know Nature Fund makes a donation to the environmental organisation of the participant’s choice. Our partners include:


Banner image by QuestaGamer - Melinda, used under CC BY-NC