Get Involved

QuestaGame is about getting people outdoors and having fun while they actively engage with the real world. Ultimately though we’re about helping people to better appreciate the diversity of life, and empowering them to help protect it.

If you like the sound of that, there are many ways to get involved:

Play the game

The most obvious way to get involved is to download the game and start your adventure today. You’ll enjoy building your collection of sightings, and your gold, as you climb the leaderboard. Go on a quest, challenge your friends, start your own ‘clan’, or join a competition (coming soon!). Learn more about the game here.

The Bio-Expertise Engine

The Bio-Expertise Engine

Identify sightings

QuestaGame is supported by a network of professional scientists and amateur naturalists who help identify players’ sightings through our Bio-Expertise Engine. If you can tell a bug from a beetle, or a bird from a bat, why not share your expertise - register as an expert here (And you don't have to be a professional - some of our highest ranking experts are kids). Because we value your input, after you register on the BioExpertise Engine, you can choose an environmental organisation. Each correct ID earns money towards your chosen environmental organisation through our Pays to Know Nature Fund.

Rally your troops

Start a clan

If you've got a group that would love to play together, create your own ‘clan’. You’ll be able to see a summary of the group’s achievements, communicate with the team through the game, and challenge other clans!

Enrol your organisation as a partner

By enrolling as a partner, your community can choose to contribute wildlife expertise on your behalf - which raises funds for your organisation. Every time a member of your community helps verify a sighting on QuestaGame, your organisation earns a donation through our Pays to Know Nature Fund.

Join our team

Behind QuestaGame is an award-winning team of designers, programmers, communicators, game developers, environmental experts and web development pioneers. We all share common values and are always happy to hear from others who share our desire to make a real difference. Have you got what it takes to join the QuestaGame team?