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Top Organisations (Identifications)

1. Wildcare Australia
132 correct IDs

2. Birdlife Australia
89 correct IDs

3. Australian Conservation Foundation
72 correct IDs

4. Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary
65 correct IDs

5. Bio-Nica
58 correct IDs

Top Spotters

1. Rosalie Neve
score 4,956

2. linx
score 3,166

3. Grisper
score 2,440

4. Regb
score 2,025

5. Yoxinatrix
score 1,391

6. Declan May
score 1,113

7. Life Gone Wild
score 1,036

8. cwpaine
score 929

9. Mrmarbles
score 884

10. Pandion
score 872

Top Identifiers

1. Grisper
score 1,386

2. linx
score 932

3. Rosalie Neve
score 898

4. Ansonia
score 836

5. Richard Fuller
score 834

6. Noctiflora
score 664

7. Regb
score 481

8. Declan May
score 404

9. Questagamer123
score 402

Most Spotted

1. Australian Magpie

2. Pacific Black Duck

3. Butterflies and moths

4. australian pelican

5. Australian Wood Duck

6. Magnoliophyta

7. Rainbow Lorikeet

8. sulphur-crested cockatoo

9. Australasian Darter

10. White-faced Heron

Top Sightings

1. Curculio
linx - score 617

2. Tanyscelis villosigibba
linx - score 601

3. Telescopus semiannulatus
DdJSA - score 568

4. Beach Thick-knee
Estelle - score 563

5. eastern small-blotched python
inasmallworld - score 525

6. Bungarus niger
seangyeal - score 523

7. Geckolepis maculata
Life Gone Wild - score 518

8. Geckolepis maculata
Life Gone Wild - score 518

9. Great Bowerbird
Grisper - score 393

10. Scolopendra laeta Haase, 1887
MagnusMitchell - score 365


Thanks to all of our players and dedicated experts involved in our second World BioQuest!

Featured sightings


    World bioQuest Champion Spotter

    Highest overall score for an individual based on sightings submitted.

    Prize:  Premium QuestaGame T-shirt and a $50 voucher for Biome Eco Stores

    Rosalie Neve
    score: 4,956


    World bioQuest Champion Identifier

    Highest score from correct IDs provided by an individual (through the in-game QuestaLab or the QuestaGame's Bio-Expertise Engine) during the competition and until the time that all competition sightings have been verified.

    Prize:  Premium QuestaGame T-shirt and a $50 voucher for Biome Eco Stores

    score: 1,386


    Best World bioQuest Find

    Highest scoring individual sighting.

    Prize:  Premium QuestaGame T-shirt

    Image:  Curculio  by linx  CC BY-NC

    Image: Curculio by linx CC BY-NC

    score: 617


    Best #bioQuesting Experience

    For the social media post (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) using the hashtag #bioQuesting with the highest number of engagements (likes, shares and otherwise) at the close of the competition period.

    Prize:  Premium QuestaGame T-shirt and post to be featured on QuestaGame's social media

    Jacki Liddle


    Active Members Prize Draw

    One QuestaGame member,  who has submitted at least 3 sightings within the competition period, drawn at random. Learn more about becoming a member.

    Prize:  A secret surprise!


    Prize sponsors

    Know your beetles from your bugs and your birds from your bats?

    That's great! Then why not identify sightings through the Bio-Expertise Engine? You'll be helping budding naturalists learn, and ensuring high quality data for research (see QuestaGame's data on You'll could even win the Champion Identifier prize!

    And why not choose your favourite conservation organisation through our Pays to Know Nature Fund. You'll be earning them rewards for each correct ID you provide.

    BioQuesting with QuestaGame will empower you to experience, learn about, and protect the diversity of life on Earth. You'll be taken on an adventure into nature, where you'll see the life around you in a whole new light.

    • experience nature on real outdoor adventures.

    • learn secrets of the life around you with expert feedback on all your sightings.

    • help protect the environment 

      • your sightings will contribute to biodiversity research.

      • your correct IDs will help support QuestaGame's environmental partners (learn how).

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