Recruit your own 'clan' of bio-adventurers. Track the clan's progress, defeat other clans, and get rewarded for the bio-expertise of your network.



The Basic Package:

10 member limit 20 member limit 50 member limit 100 member limit 500 member limit
Monthly subscription $11 $19 $39 $75 $325
Yearly subscription $125 $210 $430 $830 $3550
Quest species 1 2 5 10 50

Prices include 10% GST.

Package Extras:

Prices will vary depending on your needs. Scroll down for more detail on these package extras.

  • Additional quests,
  • Clan v Clan Challenges,
  • 'BioQuests' and 'BioQuest Live' events(competitions), and
  • Promotion to QuestaGamers.

Why subscribe?

Empower your network to engage with life by subscribing to a biodiversity gaming package. It's a fun way for groups to work together in exploring nature, learning about biodiversity, and ultimately protecting life on Earth.

Packages support the following outcomes, and can be tailored to meet your needs and your budget.

  • Enhance biodiversity discovery and education opportunities.

  • Empower your network to support biodiversity research.

  • Expand your network’s reach, particularly to a young demographic.

  • Harnesses and reward the bio-expertise within your network.


The Basic Package:


Your Account

Your 'organisation' account provides access to the QuestaGame Clan Portal (and is different to a standard player account in QuestaGame). Through the portal you'll be able to see the latest and greatest sightings from your clan, communicate with your clan members and invite people to join your cause!


Your Clan

Clans allow players to join forces for a common cause. You’ll be able to see a summary of the group’s achievements, communicate with the team through the game, and challenge other clans for extra rewards!

The basic subscription includes the set-up of one clan. However extra clans can be set-up within a single organisation account (forming a ‘tribe’) at a discounted rate.


Your Quests

Quests provide players with extra incentives for finding specific species within a region (up to 50km radius). Each quest can include one or more species. If there are specific species you want people to be finding in your area, then quests are exactly what you need.

The number of included quest species depends on your subscription.


Registration to the Pays To Know Nature Fund

For every sighting correctly identified through QuestaGame’s human-intelligence system, the Bio-Expertise Engine, the Pays to Know Nature Fund makes a donation to the environmental organisation of the bio-expert’s choice.  

If your organisation has environmental outcomes, a subscription to our Biodiversity Gaming Package will include organisation registration to the Pays to Know Nature Fund. As your network of bio-experts share their knowledge, they'll not only helping budding naturalists, but also raising money for your cause!


Package Extras:

  Banner image by QuestaGamer - Ben Revell,  used under  CC BY-NC

Banner image by QuestaGamer - Ben Revell, used under CC BY-NC

Additional quests - Why stop with just a few quests, when there are literally millions of species out there?!

Additional clans - Extra clans can be set-up within a single organisation account (forming a ‘tribe’) at a discounted rate. Why not set-up multiple clans and have a bit of competition within your network?

Clan vs Clan Challenges - Prove your clan's worth, by challenging another clan to a head-to-head challenge! A great way to provide extra motivation for your clan to get out and explore.

BioQuests (competitions) - BioQuests offer opportunity to get your network excited with prizes for their efforts. They can be fantastic for generating attention, bringing new audiences to your location, and growing your clan/network. To get a taste of what is possible, see previous and current competitions here. We'll soon be offering 'BioQuest Live' events that will include live social media streaming of competitions, with follow up YouTube promotional content to help really grow your community of QuestaGamers.


Banner image by QuestaGamer - Ben Revell, used under CC BY-NC