Take your community's nature adventure to the next level - start a QuestaGame clan today!

 Your team of bio-adventurers will have fun outdoors as they work together to contribute to research and protect on Earth.

Member limit ID Boosts Clan Quests* Bonus Gold* Annual fee
Free Clans up to 9 No No No -
Premium Clans* 10+ Yes Yes 1,000/player $11/player
  • Premium clans and clan quests are coming soon.
  • Use your clan's 'Bonus Gold' to flexibly decide how you would like to shape your clan's experience:
    • Give your clan the edge over their competition by investing your gold in 'ID Boosts' (clan member sightings identified faster and/or to a more specific level than other players).
    • Harness the energy of your clan by investing in 'Clan Quests' (reward clan members for finding selected species in your region).
  • Above prices excludes 10% GST where applicable.

Why a Clan?

Clans allow players to join forces for a common cause as they play QuestaGame. Empower your community to engage with life by getting them gaming together in nature. While any player, if they have earned enough game gold, has the ability to start up a free clan, owning a Premium Clan (coming soon) unlocks much more potential for your community. As a Premium Clan owner, you will be able to create fun clan quests, see a summary of the group’s achievements, communicate with the team through the game, boost the speed and quality of IDs that your clan members get back, and download all your clans' sightings data!

Are interested in engaging really large communities? We'd be happy to discuss how multiple linked clans could work for your needs, and at better value - contact us for more information.  


Consider these upgrades:

Banner image by QuestaGamer - Ben Revell,  used under  CC BY-NC

Banner image by QuestaGamer - Ben Revell, used under CC BY-NC

Clan vs Clan Challenges - Prove your clan's worth, by challenging another clan to a head-to-head challenge! A great way to provide extra motivation for your clan to get out and explore. Contact us and let us know if you want to lay down a challenge.

Local BioQuests - BioQuests offer opportunity to get your network excited with prizes for their efforts. They can be fantastic for generating attention, bringing new audiences to your location, and growing your clan. Host a local BioQuest today!

Register for Pays to Know Nature - For every sighting correctly identified through QuestaGame’s human-intelligence system, the Bio-Expertise Engine, the Pays to Know Nature Fund makes a donation to the environmental organisation of the bio-expert’s choice.  Register your organisation as a conservation partner.