Final Results from the Fishy Fever




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Top Organisations (Identifications)

1. Atlas of Living Australia
37 correct IDs

2. Australian Museum
1 correct IDs

3. The Entomological Society of Queensland
1 correct IDs

Top Spotters

Top Identifiers

1. Austin
score 703

2. Andrew Mc
score 141

3. SlightlyDeflatedRex
score 86

4. TheSpotter27
score 60

5. Krish Sanghvi
score 45

6. Declan May
score 26

7. jala
score 24

8. Sarah
score 24

9. Kacey5
score 23

10. linx
score 22

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    Champion Spotter

    Highest overall score for an individual based on sightings submitted.

    Prize:  US$40 Amazon online gift card.

    score: 4,298


    Champion Identifier

    Highest score from correct IDs provided by an individual (through the in-game QuestaLab or the QuestaGame's Bio-Expertise Engine) during the competition and until the time that all competition sightings have been verified.

    Prize:  US$40 Amazon online gift card.

    score: 703
    Prize Winner: *
    Andrew Mc

    score: 141

    * Note: As the Champion Identifier has already won a category, the prize has been awarded to a runner-up player as per BioQuest prizes rules.


    Best Find

    Highest scoring individual sighting.

    Prize:  US$40 Amazon online gift card.

    Image:  Oval Butterflyfish  (Chaetodon lunulatus)   by Austin    CC BY-NC

    Image: Oval Butterflyfish (Chaetodon lunulatus) by Austin CC BY-NC

    Image:  Jungle Perch  (Kuhlia rupestris)   by   Michael    CC BY-NC

    Image: Jungle Perch (Kuhlia rupestris) by Michael CC BY-NC

    score: 384
    Chaetodon lunulatus
    Prize Winner: *

    score: 373
    Kuhlia rupestris

    * Note: As the Best Find and the runner-up playyer have already won a category, the prize has been awarded to the next runner-up player as per BioQuest prizes rules.


    Active Members Prize Draw

    One QuestaGame member,  who has submitted at least 1 eligible fish sighting within the competition period, drawn at random. Learn more about becoming a member...

    Prize: US$40 Amazon online gift card.



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